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Pavement Markings

Highland Sealcoat works with high quality and long lasting paints and adhesives. Using premium Sherwin-Williams and Ennis-Flint industrial waterborne and thermoplastic paints, we provide detailed and thorough applications for many project types!

  • Residential or Commercial

  • Parking spaces to Parking lots

  • Roadways

  • Stencils

  • Reflective Beading 

  • Airport Runways

  • Shopping Malls

We pride ourselves on using state of the art Graco and Crafco equipment. Precision stripping with beading applications if required. Curved radius and hash tag markings that bring vibrant detail to the asphalt and accents curb appeal.  
No job is too big or too small for us! 


Whether hand applied with soft brushes or spray coated, we ensure that you as a customer get full coverage with attention to detail. Attentive edging and solid blending methods bring concrete rehabilitation to life. 


Don’t be fooled by ‘budget sealants’. They will not beautify, protect or hold up like SealMaster industrial grade sealers.

  • Driveways

  • Parking lots

  • Business or Home

  • Commercial or Residential

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Commercial Property

Take the cracks that occur in the average home driveway and multiply the cracks proportionally. Left untreated, these cracks will continue to grow and virtually destroy the integrity of your parking lot, it’s appearance and increase the repair or restoration cost.


We at Highland Sealcoat use professional grade materials and processes to repair and fill all cracks in your parking lot. Most people don’t realize it but there are actually seven types of cracks that occur in your lot.

  • Transverse

  • Longitudinal

  • Edge

  • Seam

  • Block

  • Reflective

  • Alligator

Every type of crack listed above occurs for different reasons. Our team of professionals at Highland Sealcoat know which fill process works best with each type and will quickly and carefully repair every crack in your parking lot.

Crack Repair

All asphalt eventually cracks. Resist new cracks with regular sealcoating and repair and protect existing cracks with quality hot rubber crackfiller.


Residential  Property

For a quick fix, some people make a trip to the local home improvement store and buy an off-the-shelf caulk-type filler and figure they will do it themselves to save some money. These products are generally not professional grade and consequently, they just don’t last very long. If you have long, wide or multiple cracks, the job will take longer than you anticipate and, in the end, cost far more than you realize.

At Highland Sealcoat, we know all about the crack fill process and take important steps in the preparation stage to ensure we achieve a successful repair. For example, cracks in your pavement often are filled with dirt, weeds and remaining liquids that will prevent an inefficient crack fill process from working. We don’t take short cuts and take the time up front to make sure we use the most appropriate methods for filling the cracks in your surface.

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